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Our Story

Impano was born out of gratitude. Allen Simms was a national champion in track and field, and had a successful career as a professional athlete. Sports afforded him the opportunity to attend college on an athletic scholarship, and opened up for him opportunities to pursue his passion for coaching.


A love for Africa took Allen to Rwanda, where he found the incredible raw talent that the children had for jumping and running. If these children could have the right guidance, support and resources, their lives could be forever transformed through sports.

Everyone has a special talent or a gift, and deserves a chance to harness it. Allen got to Impano (meaning ‘special talent’ or ‘gift’ in Rwandan) represents independence and accomplishment in sports communities around the world. We organize developmental programs aimed at identifying athletic talent, promoting education, health and fitness, and teaching strong values rooted in the practice of sports.


To help accomplish this, we created Impano Sports high quality sports apparel designed specifically for athletes, runners and the active lifestyle community.


Raw talent and individual style are an unbeatable alliance.

Impano Sportswear Basketball


Impano creates high performance, functional sports and fitness apparel, while cultivating athletic talent in underserved communities.

Impano Sportswear Lifestyle

We want to contribute to making the sports ecosystem conducive for raw, undiscovered sports talent to get the training and development opportunities they deserve


Impano Sportswear Basketball

We want to uplift and empower youth in underserved communities and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone.


Impano Sportswear Lifestyle

We design with diverse aesthetics and body types in mind.


Impano Sportswear Tennis
Impano Sportswear Running

We create with zero or less damage technology and business models.


Wherever possible, we design, build and deliver sustainably and locally.


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