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Impano Sports Apparel LLC is a new player in the active lifestyle apparel industry in the US and globally. The company is founded by a professional athlete providing a quality brand that represents independence and accomplishment among the sports and African American community. 

Our Story:

It began when our founder traveled to Rwanda, Africa to identify and coach talented youth athletes to elite level. Allen realized these athletes had limited access to quality sportswear. He therefore decided to relocate to Rwanda and work with local tailors to produce Rwandan made sportswear.

Impano has now evolved to sourcing from different countries in addition to Rwanda where it has trained its team of creatives to become self sustaining and supply other countries. 

Our Goal:

Our goal is to empower the youth using sports and become an inspirational model brand promoting giving back, supporting and circulating resources within our community. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and maintaining the high standards our customers deserve.


Allen Simms was a standout professional athlete and national champion in track and field.  He graduated from University of Southern California in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in multimedia technology and earned a Master of Art in Liberal Studies and a graduate certificate in Global Studies from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro in 2014. He holds IAAF and USATF coaching certificates in athletics specializing in jumping events and coaching young elite athletes in Rwanda under his sports organization Impano Academy Rwanda. 

Impano Sports is a unique place where his deep passion and love for sports and his community come together. 

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